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Leaders for Life

About Leaders for Life


What is Leaders for Life?

LEADERS for Life…Voyage to Greatness is an elementary leadership program focused on building leaders in the present in preparation for the future. Students learn the “Eight Principles for Sailing” while embracing the life skills needed for success in a global society. Students are empowered to take ownership of their education while participating in leadership experiences in their classrooms.

Through the use of Leader Ship Logs, students write mission statements, set goals, and track their progress. Success is communicated to parents through student-led conferences and events.

LEADERS for Life is embedded with character education coupled with an aggressive academic focus. This initiative is dedicated to developing the gifts and talents of young leaders and empowering them to begin their personal voyage to greatness.

Why Leaders for Life?

Our world is crying out for leadership. Preparing our children for a world that is constantly changing and a future none of us has ever seen is a daunting task. LEADERS for Life...Voyage to Greatness is dedicated to the task of educating global leaders prepared to meet the world with character, skill and confidence. 

There are traits that transcend time and socio-economic barriers which business leaders and parents agree are necessary for success. Equipping our children with these skills sets the stage for future success.

About the Program

LEADERS for Life begins with changing ourselves. We cannot expect change in our students unless we are willing to set sail on the voyage first. The change begins with teachers and administrators and then moves on to children and parents. We must love our children enough to change the way we do things.

LEADERS for Life is a paradigm shift. Instead of seeing children on a continuum of smart to less smart, we see every child with talents and gifts. As educators, our goal must be to find the gifts and talents in every child and then positively support them as they develop as leaders.

LEADERS for Life is not another program. It is a different way of relating to children. It is seeing each child's gifts and talents, and positively supporting and encouraging the child. It is a process that is present everywhere all the time and is a part of all that we do. It impacts everything....culture, traditions, events, and instruction. It is not another thing to do, but doing what we already do in a better way. It empowers children to take charge of their lives and become leaders for life on a voyage to greatness!