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About Mr. Womac

Originally I was named Anthony C. Womac.  Now, I answer to many names, such as Mr. Womac, Coach Tony, Tony, or Tone (nice 80's nickname).  I have been teaching since 1998.  I have taught a multitude of grades from 2nd to 7th, and a variety subjects from reading to library.  I also coach swimming year-round in my spare time. Throughout all of this I enjoy helping all of my students and swimmers turn the impossible into reality.


The time has come!

It is time for the magic to begin! School starts with a partial day on August 6. Our first full day is August 7.  

School is almost back in session!

Are you getting as excited as I am?  We are preparing to explore reading, math, science, and social studies this year.  Can't wait to get started!  We will see you soon!!