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Welcome to Kindergarten

Mrs. Arp’s and Mrs. Farris’s Classroom



This week your child will complete one of the most important milestones in his/her life – the first day of school!  We understand that you and your child may have met this day with excitement or apprehension (or both).  We hope this meeting will help you to know what to expect in Kindergarten this year and answer any questions you may have.


Blue Class Folder:

The class folder will be our primary means of communication. The folder will be a way of making sure things get to and from school.  Please put important items such as money, in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name written on it and place it in the folder.  We check this folder every morning for important notes.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S FOLDER DAILY !!  Your child’s behavior chart will also be kept in the folder and should be initialed nightly.  Completed assignments, special events, projects, etc., will be placed in the folder.



Please place all money in the folder.  It should be placed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and what the money is for written on the outside.  Lunch money can be sent weekly or monthly. Please keep accounts paid up as the cafeteria does not allow charges. 



*Morning car riders – Please drop your child off in the north circle (playground).  There will be a monitor at the door to make sure your child gets either to the auditorium or cafeteria for breakfast.  The north doors unlock at 7:05 a.m.  Breakfast is served from 7:10-7:35 a.m.  If you wish for your child to eat breakfast at school, please make sure they arrive in plenty of time to finish their meal.  Breakfast is very important for learning!  All students will go to the auditorium to be dismissed to their classrooms.  The students are monitored at ALL times.

*Morning bus riders – Students that ride a bus will be dropped off in the front bus circle.  The students will go to either the auditorium or to the cafeteria for breakfast.  * NO CARS ARE ALLOWED IN THE FRONT CIRCLE!

*Afternoon dismissal for car riders – The teachers on duty will dismiss the students a quickly as possible from the north circle.  Students not picked up by 3:00 will need to be signed out in the office.  Parents must display their car tags in order to take the student.  If a car tag is not present, the driver will be asked to go into the office for identification.



All check-ins and check-outs must take place in the main office.  Parents are not allowed to come to the classrooms without going to the main office to sign in for a visitor’s pass.  All visits to the classroom should be prearranged.


Parent/Teacher Relationship:

We believe that a good parent/teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success.  Throughout the year, we will communicate with you through notes, telephone calls, the REMIND system, and parent conferences.  Although Mrs. Farris and I are eager to talk with you about your child, the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal periods are not the best time for a lengthy discussion.   This time is used to prepare for our day and to assist the children in getting home.  But please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns at any time.  If you would like to call the school between 7:30 and 3:00 each day, I will be glad to return your call during my planning.  The best way of contacting me with a concern is a written note in your child’s folder.


Parent Participation:

Throughout the school year, there will be a variety of special classroom activities and celebrations.  We encourage you to attend these functions when possible and to support them by sending needed supplies.  Your support of school activities makes your child feel important and sends the message that you value school.


School Attendance:

Your child’s regular and prompt attendance at school is crucial to his/her success.  We cannot emphasize this point enough.  Most kindergarten learning activities are group oriented and involve interaction with classmates and hands-on materials.  Please view school as a priority, and see that they attend every day except in cases of illness or emergency.  The tardy and attendance policies apply to Kindergarten as in every other grade level.



Behavior is a very important aspect of the classroom.  It is vital to have good communication between parents and teachers.  Please know that we are working on academics, as well as student behavior to assist them throughout their educational careers.  Please encourage your child to be a good listener and respectful to adults and other students.  Your child will mark their behavior chart in the class folder each day.  Please initial each night after reviewing their behavior.


Box Tops:

Our school library collects Box Tops for Education.  These are found on many items you may already be using at home.  The library is able to buy new books from money earned by sending these to class. 


Activity Fee:

There is a $30 activity fee collected to help in purchasing workbooks and many other supplies for our curriculum series. Please turn this in as soon as possible!






I use a texting system that allows you to quickly and easily get reminders about class or school events.  These are also very useful in case of inclement weather and any early dismissals that may occur.  Please sign up to receive messages.  You will be glad you did! J

Send a text to 81010 with the message @arpki


Mrs. Farris and I are eager to get to know you and your child.  The Charleston Elementary faculty and staff are here to help your child make the best transition from home to school.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send a note, call the office with a message, or email me at:


Mrs. Arp –


CES 423 336 2232


We look forward to a wonderful year of  learning and success!

Thank you and your family for your support,



Mrs. Arp

Mrs. Farris

Mrs. Arp’s 2019-2020

Kindergarten Wish List


No latex items are allowed at school due to an extreme allergy.



4 jumbo glue sticks

6 boxes of Crayola Crayons (8 count – no 24 count)

1 box of baby wipes any brand

Backpack (no wheels)

1 pair of scissors

1 pack 4-count Play-doh

1 pack black Expo brand dry erase markers

1 pack pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)

1 pack pencil top erasers (no large pink hand held erasers)

1 large box Kleenex



*A pencil box/bag is not needed.



Optional but appreciated:

Magic Eraser cleaners

Snack, quart, gallon size Ziploc baggies